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B.U.F.O.D. Space, Above and Beyond - The

    This is a site packed full of information about UFOs and related phenomenon, it contains information on topics like Area 51 and the Roswell incident. There is also a chance to report a UFO sighting or abduction experience by filling in our simple online forms. (All reports are sent to an MUFON UFO investigator). We are also the home of the BUFOD UFO Webring, the Webring dedicated to UFOlogy.   Rated 3.2

Directory of UFO Sites

International Society for UFO R

Moon Spirits World


    All you want to know about mysteries, ufo's, aliens,abductions, lost civilisations, mayas, atlantic culture, books and many more subjects.
      Rated 3.2

reha erdinc

    An all around site from turkey. Yoga, meditations, witchcraft, tarot, runes, paranormal activities, ouija boards, palministry, astrology, numerology, elemental divination, horror, myths, dream interpretation, biorhytim, bioenergy, feng-shui, astronomy, scient, pyscology, parapsycology, love and voodoo magick spells, relegions...
      Rated 3.2

UFO SEARCH SITE, links, sightings, photo

    ufo search, covering ufo links, ufo sightings, ufo photos, ufo discussion, ufo magazines, ufo books, ufo chat, free stuff and other ufo information
      Rated 3.2

ufos in

    UfO and alien research based in London, with ufo and alien related files, ufo and alien anatomy, alerting the population to the reality of UFOs and ETs.
      Rated 3.2

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