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Alien Anomalies and O

Alien Astronomer - Articles and photos o

    Explore the mysterious worlds of ufology, astronomy and secret societies. Color photos and thought-provoking articles. Open your mind to the infinite wonders of our universe and its alien lifeforms.
      Rated 3.2




    CSETI is The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence, the only worldwide organization dedicated to establishing peaceful and sustainable relations with extraterrestrial life forms.
      Rated 3.2

Giordano Bruno: Father of the Modern U

    father of the modern universe, Giordano Bruno, the stars are suns!, the infinite universe, first to logically posit the existence of extraterrestrial worlds and extraterrestrials outside of the solar system, freedom of thought (coined the phrase 'liberte philosophica', burned at the stake, a founder of objective science, prime mover of romantic love, inspired Shakepseare's 'Loves Labours Lost'
      Rated 3.2

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