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Area 51 trip report

Dark Side Of The Moon - Area51, Roswell

    Area51, Roswell, UFOs, Bob Lazar, Crop Circles, Military Secrets and much more. Also, the military's other secret base codenamed: 'Dark Side of the Moon.'
      Rated 3.2

A Korni's UFOs

Aliens the Truth

Area 51

Area 51

Area 51 and the Groom Lake Facility

    Every weekday morning, at least 500 people arrive at the guarded terminal owned by EG&G on the northwest side of McCarran Airport in Las Vegas, Nevada. Here they board one of a small fleet of unmarked Boeing 737-200s. Using three digit numbers prefixed by the word "Janet" as their callsigns, the 737s fly off North every half hour.
      Rated 3.2

Area 51 Groom Lake S4 Tonapah Secret Mil

Area 51 Headquarters

dreamland 51

    Area 51, a top secret military installation located near a dry lake bed known as Groom Lake. Shrouded in mystery there are many theories as to what the United States Military is doing in this isolated region of Nevada. Some people claim that they are secretly back engineering recovered extra-terrestrial craft, others believe that they are forming a world wide government known as The New Order or the Illuminati, and still others insist there is nothing going on there except the routine development of new military aircraft.
      Rated 3.2

Extraterrestrial Highway Photo Tour is the home of Parallel Universe Website where you can find the latest in UFO apparel, memorabilia, and Area-51 information. Join the exclusive Groom Lake Yacht Club. See exclusive UFO photo's and take the ET Hiway tour.
      Rated 3.2


Rachel, NV Roadtrip 1999, UFO, Extraterr

    Extraterrestrials? UFO's? Secret Aircraft? How about..... Awesome Desert Landscape and a quick look inside the Little Ale'Inn, a popular landmark in the middle of nowhere.
      Rated 3.2

Roadtrip to Area 51

    For close to forty-odd years, the United States government has operated a secret facility within the boundaries of Nellis AFB Bombing and Test Range. Commonly reffered to as "Area 51", this place has become an icon of American pop culture perversely because of its secrecy. Who knows what bizarre flying machines they are testing out there?
      Rated 3.2

Steve McCloud

UFO's do you believe?

    Do you believe? Is the gorverment covering up all ufo events? You decide! Come watch the PROOF! View alien and ufo pics, what ia area51, what happend at Roswell and see all secret documents from MJ-12 and the FBI. Also new area51 and nasa pictures and movies.
      Rated 3.2

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