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801 - UFOs and the Government cover-up...

A Korni's UFOs

    Explore for the latest information on extra terrestrials, UFOs, alien abduction and government conspiracy. Shop for quality Abductee products and services.
      Rated 3.2

Alien Abduction: What's Going On?

Aliens and UFOs Among Us

    An indepth site that explores the evidence of alien visitation from ancient times to the present, download video footage, picture gallery, questionnaires, chat rooms, etc...
      Rated 3.2

Characteristics of an Abduction - Conspiracies to

Max Burns speaks


    Researchers pointing to the deceptive and destructive nature of the UFO, abduction, alien, hybrid phenomenon
      Rated 3.2





Roberts Government Conspiracy Page

The Abductee & Contactee Information Service

The Betty Hill Interview - FT110

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