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Title    : UFO Hotspots in the USA
Author : Craig Howell
Date    :


I have always been interested in UFO's, yet I have never seen one (that I remember) except for an occasional TV show. My girlfriend saw one, my friends have seen them too. I feel that they are mostly government projects but I do think that we are being watched by other beings.

I have put together a compilation of information on UFO hot spots in the USA. I want to give those interested the best chance of viewing this phenomena. Although sightings occur all over our country all the time, there seem to be pockets of intense activity. Obviously there will be more sightings in populated areas and down stretches of major highways. More people-more sightings.

First, here are some statistics from research done over a ten year period:

BEST MONTHS: March and September (and January)
BEST DAY: Wednesday
BEST TIME: around 9:00pm, consistently for over 50 years of tracking.

So if you want to see one, be at the right location any Wednesday in March or September about 9:00pm and gaze into the sky! I'm sort of kidding, but I would be curious to know if it works for you.

There is an excellent site with research done by Larry Hatch. There is a great map of the U.S. showing all the sightings over a 10 year period at, along with other maps and research. His statistics don't correlate exactly with mine, but the more sightings that become included, the more it changes. There is also the factoring-in of the unknown number of cases of truly mistaken sightings.

Here is a list of locations which I will update periodically as I get more information:


Gulf Breeze, FL- This has been all over "Sightings" and on the specials on TV. You can go to the beach on the Gulf panhandle near Pensacola and be entertained for hours by all the lights moving about. Sort of a parnaormal 4th of July. It's a nightly event.

Corydon, Indiana- This has been listed in one resource over a long time as being a top sight. It is a small town just west of Lousville, KY in the southern part of the state. There is a lot of activity in Indiana and I will give you the rest coming up.

Anza Valley, California- I am assuming this is just just west of San Diego.

Elk River, Minnesota- Just to the north and west of Minneapolis, another little town.

Lincolnton, North Carolina- Here is yet another little hamlet just outside of Charlotte to the northeast.

Pine Bush, New York- This teeny town of about 1500 is located in southern NY state just north east of Middletown.

North Bergen, New Jersey- Situated on the Hudson river directly opposite New York City, this small city has experienced over 7,000 sightings over a 5 year period.


Topanga, California
Springfield, Missouri
St. Louis, Missouri
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and vicinity
Clio, Michigan
Kalamazoo, Michigan
Waynesville, Ohio
Waverly, Ohio
Owensville, Ohio
Madison, Ohio
Raeford, North Carolina
Havelock, North Carolina
Newark, New Jersey
Asbury Park, New Jersey
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Bloomington, Indiana
Evansville, Indiana
Ligonier, Indiana
Indianapolis, Indiana
Phoenix (and Gilbert, a suburb), Arizona
Prescott Valley, Arizona
Bouse, Arizona
Tuscon, Arizona
Portland, Oregon
Eugene, Oregon
Salem, Oregon
Yakima, Washington
Houston, Texas
Austin, Texas

Those are the specific towns or cities where activity has been heavy over the years.

Here is a run-down of areas within the states with a good concentration of sightings. Be on the look-out if you are driving through these areas at night.


Colorado- This is the San Luis Valley area in the south central area SW of Colorado Springs, especially from Saguache south east to Interstate 25. This is a really heavy location.

Florida- There is a triangle running from Orlando to Tampa Bay with the north apex equidistant, in the middle of nowhere. Also scattered anywhere from Jacksonville to Miami straight down the east coast (they seem to like the beach!) There are a few for the millionaire's haven, Boca Raton, including an episode of missing time from one observer.

Indiana- For some reason they like Indiana a lot. There is heavy activity from Evansville area up through Bloomington to Indianapolis and from there
up to South Bend. If you follow that line, you will see the main UFO trail emerge. Other areas are up by Lake Michigan and down by Richmond, near the Ohio border. Of all the states, Indiana has the most number of different places where re-occuring sightings occur.

Washington- If you take and draw a ring around the Puget Sound area (there's that water thing again), you will hit pay dirt. That's the main area. Then there is a section in Wahkiakum County in the SW corner, just over the border from Oregon. There is also an area in and around the Yakima Indian Reservation outside Yakima, especially at Trout Lake and around Mount Adams. John Novak has an article with more information on this at themestream.

California- Besides down by San Diego and L.A., there is a stretch that leads from San Fransisco north and east to the center of the state, then following north almost to the border of Oregon. Mostly following route 5 I would say.

North Carolina- I've mentioned the Lincolntown area. Then there is a line from Winston-Salem curving south to beyond Rocky Mount.

Oklahoma- From Tulsa to Oklahoma City and just south of there. Also, NW of Dodge City, Lane County recieves a lot of activity for the sparseness of the population.

Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire- If you draw a line from the south east border of RI and go up to Concord, New Hampshire, there are spots all along there.

New Jersey- Around north east Jersey and New York City, which would make sense considering the numbers of people populating that area. But there is also some activity down the coast.

Pennsylvania- I already mentioned this. In and around Pittsburgh and over to Johnstown it's heavy.

Michigan- In a line leading from Pontiac up through Flint and to the Saginaw Bay. Then there is some sporadic activity up and down the coast of Lake Michiganand along highway 131 north of Grand Rapids. This next one is from Paul Willson, who has a site devoted to Michigan sightings: The area around Grand Rapids to Grand Haven and Muskegon, running north to Traverse City Michigan. There was a well know outbreak here about 6 years ago(the famous National Weather Service tape on Coast to Coast, the Art Bell radio show),and sightings have continued often since then.

Minnesota and Wisconsin- All around the Minneapolis and St.Paul area and particularly Pepin County, WI just over the Minnestota border.

Missouri- Mostly in the western part of the state in a rough line from Springfield up to St. Joseph. Also particularly, Knox County, another sparsley populated area in the extreme NE section of the state.

Ohio- Mostly around the Cincinatti area , but there is a trail leading from there, northeast to Columbus and up to Akron.

Ilinois- Has a few from St, Louis up the center of the state to Rockford, which is quite hot. Rockford just had a sighting of abut a dozen UFO's over the city, January of this year (2001).

Montana- Almost exactly center-state, west of Butte, from Judith Basin County southeast into Wheatland County. There are some others, but this is the heaviest.

West Virginia- This sort of goes with the Ohio area because it is so close to the border. But there is a lot of activity in rural Mason County, NW of Charleston.

Nellis Air Force Range, Nevada- This large area just northwest of Las Vegas has long been frequented by extremely strange phenomena. This is the home of the now famous "secret" Area 51 at Groom Lake, inside the base.


I will be posting any new information that is not already included in this article here. I originally set out to describe major hotspots that have been active continually over time, but here I will include any places getting a lot of activity now so that anyone interested can take advantage of this.

I just recieved an email from a man in Alaska (which is not even on this list) and he says that on any given night you can see UFO's over Seward-even "better than Gulf Breeze", Florida. He goes on to state that there was a large one over Anchorage, too. These areas are on the southern coast near Canada.


That's it for now. I may be adding additional information later if you would like to check back. If you would like to get in touch with me about some especially hot spots you know of from personal experience, email me at [email protected].


ROCKFORD -- WREX Channel 13 Television and other news media reported that they had received some 600 reports of UFOs over this city in Northern Illinois around 9:00 PM on January 11, 2001. Some reports of computer and electrical shutdowns coincided with the reports. Later that night on all three of the news stations in Rockford reported the sightings. Some people reported seeing six lights while others reported seeing a dozen yellow orange lights hovering in the sky. The light sightings were made from 8:50 to 9:00 PM. Sightings have been fairly regular in recent months over the city.





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