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Title    : Majestic Documents
Author : R Y A N S W O O D & D R. B O B W O O D
Date    :


REDWOOD CITY, California, March 15, 2000 � In response to speculation
an unknown author on about linkage between psychological
warfare and the Majestic documents, Ryan S. Wood has written a paper
confronts head on the issue of psychological warfare and the role it
have played in UFO documents. The paper can be downloaded in adobe PDF
format from

"The paper reviews the key definitions of PSYWAR and PSYOP along with
central discriminates for testing for evidence of psychological warfare
and propaganda. The contents of the documents are reviewed as they
to psywar along with long standing experts in the field military
psychological warfare" said Dr. Robert Wood.

"What is key to remember is that the Majestic documents are beyond the
scope of domestic home grown fakers both in duration, complexity and
obscure valid facts. It is only the resources and expertise of CIA /
or equivalent organizations that have the capability to create such a
rouse. Yet when you examine the documents for signs of such deception
there is none to be found. There are no clear objectives, there is no
history of building credibility with the target, there is a massive
attractant provided for foreign intelligence assets (a bad thing if you
want to keep something secret) and the long standing military experts
agree with this conclusion" said Ryan Wood.

The Majestic documents investigation team encourages you to download
paper and read the evidence for yourself. The address is





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