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Title    : Cassini Significant Events
Author : Unknown
Date    :


Spacecraft Status:
The most recent spacecraft status is from the Deep Space Network (DSN)
tracking pass on Thursday, 07/29, over the Canberra tracking station. The
Cassini spacecraft is in an excellent state of health and is operating
normally. The speed of the spacecraft can be viewed on the "Where is Cassini
Now?" web page (
On Monday, 07/26, the Cosmic Dust Analyzer (CDA) instrument was powered off
per plan.

On Wednesday, 07/28, Periodic Instrument Maintenance was completed.

Upcoming events for the period of 07/30 - 08/05 include:
Uplink Trajectory Correction Maneuver 11 (TCM-11) sequence products and
perform Solid State Recorder (SSR) Pointer Reset on 08/01, TCM-11 execution,
playback, and High Water Mark Clear on 08/02, and begin the 24 hour Visible
and Infrared Mapping Spectrometer (VIMS) Decontamination exercise on 08/03.
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
California Institute of Technology
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Pasadena, Calif. 91109.
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