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Title    : Astronomers Discover New Moons About Uranus
Author : unknown
Date    :


Astronomers Discover New Moons About Uranus
Hamilton - July 30, 1999 - A team of astronomers including McMaster
University's JJ Kavelaars has discovered two new moons orbiting around the
planet Uranus.
The moons were revealed after four nights of observation using the world's
largest electronic camera which was mounted on the Canada-France-Hawaii
telescope located in Hawaii. The electronic camera , known as CFH12k, allowed
the research team to cover the entire region around Uranus searching between
five million and 100 million kilometres out from the planet

The discovery brings the total number of moons around Uranus to 20 which now
surpasses Saturn as the planet with the largest number of known moons. The
two new moons are smaller and fainter than the others measuring about 20
kilometres in diameter and orbiting some 10 to 25 million kilometres from the
planet's centre

Kavelaar says he is anxious to complete more research and analysis to
determine if there is a common formation history between the new moons and
two others he and Brett Gladman discovered in 1997

The astronomy team includes Brett Gladman, Jean-Marc Petit and Hans Scholl of
the Observatoire de la Cote d'Azur and Matt Holman of the Harvard-Smithsonian
Centre for Astrophysics

Astronomers busy as Uranus moon count grows

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