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Title    : Ships of the Void
Author : 1995-1999, Simon Mansfield - Spacer.Com
Date    :


DEEP SPACE ONE SpaceDailySpecial
Asteroid 1992 KD
Ships of the Void

Amor asteroid 1992 KD was discovered on May 27, 1992 by E. Helin and K.
Lawrence with the 0.46m (18-inch) Schmidt telescope at Palomar during the
Palomar Planet-Crossing Asteroid Survery. 1992 KD was first seen while it was
traveling North-Northeast in Libra some 38 million kms away at a magnitude of
15.5. Deep Space 1 will pass within 10 kms of the asteroid which is believed
to be up to 5 kms long.


Red - Green - Blue
The Future Triumph of History

Rain of Iron and Ice
The Very Real Threat of Comet and Asteroid Bombardment
Hardcover - $17.50 - 1996
Mining the Sky
Untold Riches from the Asteroids, Comets, and Planets
Hardcover - $18.20 - 1996
Physics and Chemistry of the Solar System - 1997
Extended science texts on planetary science
Hardcover - $69.95
Resources of Near-Earth Space
The A-Z of asteroid and cometary science
Hardcover - $82.00 Special Order
Solar System Evolution - A New Perspective
by Stuart Ross Taylor
$59.95 Hardcover 1992 Cambridge Univ
Atlas of Neptune
Hunt, Moore and Hunt
$28.95 1994 Cambridge
Exploring Planetary Worlds
by David Morrison
$32.95 1993 Freeman

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DS1 Crew Clears The Deck
JPL - June 22, 1999 - There is a great deal occurring as the mission of Deep
Space 1 continues making great strides, so get comfortable for a long log
entry! Of DS1's payload of 12 advanced technologies, 11 have now received
100% or more of their needed testing.

High Tech In Deep Space
Deep Space Cruisin'
July 20, 1999 - Deep Space 1 is now on final approach to asteroid 1992 KD
where on July 29 it will flyby at 15.5 kms per seconds some 15 kms above the
mile-wide asteroid.

Asteroid Flyby July 29
HAL Gets Straight A's
JPL - June 16, 1999 - As scientists and science fiction buffs alike have
long suspected, artificial intelligence software can indeed operate a
spacecraft millions of miles from Earth.
Deep Space 1 Completes Ion Burn
JPL - May 4, 1999 - Deep Space 1 has completed six weeks of ion thrusting
boosting its speed by 300 meters per second - 13 times faster than
conventional chemical thrusters would have achieved with the same fuel weight.
To Catch A Pocket Full Of Stardust
Cape Canaveral - February 4, 1999 - NASA's Stardust mission, scheduled for
launch Saturday, February 6, from Cape Canaveral, FL, will send a spacecraft
flying through the cloud of dust that surrounds the nucleus of a comet - and,
for the first time ever, bring cometary material back to Earth.
Hero NEAR But Far Away
Ithica - April 10, 1999 - A Cornell University astronomer who helped save a
$150 million space mission last December was rewarded at a surprise party
this week with a truly heavenly gift: A minor planet named in her honor.
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