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Title    : An appology - not news
Author : Adam Finzel, Webmaster
Date    :


Hi all

I am just writing to apologise for the lack of news that has been in this section. I could go through a whole list of escusses as to why I haven't(Exams, Student Arena, work) but any way you don't care. I have made it easier for me to put the news on so I should be a little more reliable in future.

Oh yeah when the counter on the front page clicks over to 10,000 then I will upload a new look site. I have been working in conjunction with one of my friends who have redone the graphics on the frontpage for me so stand by for that.

As well as this I hope to get a new section up and running with UFO pictures(fake and real because I don't know how to tell the differnece. So if you have any pictures then please send them to me at [email protected] and I will put a credit under the iomage to say you submitted it.

Thankyou for your patience

Adam Finzel





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