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What is this?

We have noticed that there are a lot of UFO sites on the internet and not many of these allow you to report a UFO sighting or abduction and thoes that do only have a few reports.  This feature of UFO Watch address this problem by letting webmasters to add a link on their site so their users can report their experiences.

How do I add UFO sightings to my site?

Well as long as your site is not related to any adult material then just click register and fill in a quick form.  Now all you have to do is to link to your personal URL and that is all there is to it.

Can I see how it works before I sign up?

Yes indeed.  We have set up a special demo web site at www.ufowatch.com/demo

How much does it cost?

Zero pounds and zero pence this is one thing in life which is free.   We will just place a small advert at the top of each page to cover our costs because unfortunatly we don't get things for nothing:(

How does it help people involved or interested in UFO's?

By having all the UFO sightings and abduction reports in one place it makes it easy for people to find others that have had the same experience.

Can my users view the UFO Sightings as well?

Yep your visitors will be able to view all of our sightings.

Why don't I just link to sightings (the page) on UFO Watch?

Well we have made a special page which has a link back to the page they came from on your website.  This way once they have finnished looking at the sightings they can return back to your site.

Can I see how many people have reported sightings and Abductions?

Yes we keep a record of how many sightings have been recorded and from what site.  You can view these at any time by going to the statistics section.

How does UFO Watch check that reports are valid?

There isn't really much we can do to check whether the reports are valid so allmost all of them go on.  The ones that we don't accept are ones which are definatly made up like "The ship looked like a giant bong.  It opened up and gave me a fucking spliff.  I then said thankyou and he flew away it was really kewl"



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