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1Please Enter your Name :

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2When did you see the UFO :

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3Where did you see the UFO :



4What was the time of the Contact :

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5How old where you :



Abduction Details


1If you saw an alien what did it look like :

big grey figure. couldn't see face never looked at me. shadow around it.


2What did the inside of the UFO look like :

well... there were tons of dials around the room, a strange clock like thing hung on the wall with a weird type of lettering.


3Did any thing unusual happen prior to or after the sighting :

after the sighting- every 19th of every month i see the same shadow hovering on the drive. also i have a really big scar along my back in a curved shape.


4 Have you experienced any weird things after the abduction i.e. Strange marks on your body, etc. If so then please state them :
i have a big curved scar covering the whole of my back.


5If you had any time lapse  how much time did you loose

24:00:00 exactly -hh:mm:ss


Any additional comments :



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